Flowers to save money at a destination wedding in Mexico


I hope your are having a wonderful time… in Mexico is easter break or Holy Week… so most of us are having some time free…some time with the family… some time to relax!

Planning a Destination Wedding

Some times could  be hard, not only because the distance, but also because the cultural differences… and this is also the attractive part of a Destination Wedding… you can go to a foreign country, and add some pieces of that different culture, making of your wedding an experience for all your friends and family, something that will be memorable, and different.

However weddings something can be out of our pocket… some tips and budget adjustments can help us to achieve that dreamed day, feel the sand under our feet and the ocean breeze in our face. Food, drinks and some specific rentals costs can be avoid in a Destination Wedding. Some trick here and there and you can adjust again the budget  ,but flowers… what is a wedding without flowers? Well.. still is a wedding… here are some tips of flowers that you can use to save some money.

Type of Flowers in México

Carnations: Let me be honest, I love carnations, they`re simple, elegant, last long time and comes in so different colors that can adjust basically all occasions… the problem? they are no very common in weddings, they had their time , some time ago.. with the vintage style you can think that they will recover that lost shine … but… anyway, you can use carnations in some places mixed with other flowers… for sample for tall centerpieces or for the aisle or arch… those places where guests won’t have easily access to them.
We are in love with peonies … in Mexico for some reason it is really hard to produce them reason why most of them are imported, what happened… are expensive and not easy to get… and option the Lisianthus, they come in purple, light pink, and white make them easy to mix with roses and the price is not so high.

Greenery: This is the pantone color of this year, so you can have a bouquet with all greenery on it, without flowers on it… it is simplely different!

You can also take advantage of those local flowers, like Roses, Birds of paradise, anthurios, lilies or also gerber daisies.

Mexico has a great variety of Orchids, but those flowers called “garden flowers” like orchids, garden roses, bugambilias… are little expensive because it is hard to cultivate them.

An alternative to have those expensive flowers for your wedding… well, I did my bouquet with orchids , roses and lisianthus… for the rest of the flowers in the wedding including centerpieces and arch were white flowers, but we used different flowers and of course not so expensive, so only my bouquet shine! … my suggestion: keep those flowers you are in
love with, only for you….

One fun part of the wedding planning is that you can use your creativity to make beautiful things always saving some money…

So, there are some alternatives to save some money and still have beautiful flowers at your wedding day!


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