Mayan Wedding Ceremony- what is that?

We are working, and working and having fun with that! 

Couple weeks ago we had a Mayan Ceremony framed with a stunning beach view! It was amazing, mystical and definitive… Magic! 

Of course, for us it is very common talk about  Mayan Ceremony… but for those people not related with Riviera Maya, a Mayan ceremony certainly puts a “wtf” expression in their faces… 

That`s why we decide to do a post about it! Not everyone know about this ceremony, so we need to explain what is and why is important… 

A Mayan Ceremony is an ancient wedding ritual, this was performed in the past by the Mayans who lived what nowadays is Riviera Maya, they have strong beliefs about life, dead, love and how the gods bless this unions. 

So the Mayan Ceremony is performed by a Chaman, some kind of “wizard” however for the Mayan people he was a very important men or woman because connect this world with the god`s world. 

The Mayan Ritual

At the beginning of the ceremony the chaman will “thank” to the 4 points, asking for the gods blessings and using copal as part of the ritual, because the copal is the fragrance for the gods. 

Ceremony is usually performed in Maya dialect, however because the ceremony increase its popularity with the tourism a translator is usually provided so couple and guests knows what happened. 

The ritual include a purification with copal, an offer with flowers, fruits and seeds,  couple is tied with a red ribbon that will symbolizes their union not only to the society but also to the gods, and at the end – some shamans- likes to provide with a small plant and a pot, ask the couple to take care of this plant as a symbol of their marriage… 

We have a small picture and post of this wedding in our Instagram

In case that you a looking for a spiritual ceremony, this is a perfect option! In Riviera Maya this a very common option… but in other areas of México exists different etnias that offer their own special Wedding Ritual… 



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