Destination Wedding in Puebla

Protected by the volcanoes Popocatepetl and Izatacihuatl protagonists of a beautiful legend in which she the most beautiful Princess Iztaccíhuatl; He falls for the young and handsome Warrior Popocatépetl, both loved deeply by what before leaving for the war Popocatepetl asked for the hand of Iztaccihuatl, her father enter willingly and promises to get the warrior with a celebration if he returned victorious. Shortly after splitting, the rival of loves of Popocatepetl, jealous of the love they had, told the Princess Izatcithuatl that her lover had died during the battle, humbled by the news, and not knowing that it was a lie, the Princess died.

Popocatepetl returned victorious, to hear the news of his beloved deceased then command to build a large Tomb before the Sun set, piling up 10 hills to form a high mountain in honor of his Princess… then He take the body of the Princess on his arm to the top of the mountain, he kiss her forehead, took a torch smoky and knelt in front of his beloved to ensure their eternal dream… These volcanoes and their love story will become witnesses of your love…

Puebla is made for walking, admiring and savoring. Its beauty, cultural and architectural wealth allow you to choose between a Baroque stunning cathedrals and chapels blessed by the angels where looks like that are made of gold!

Hold your wedding in an environment that will take you back to colonial México. Haciendas where you will have outstanding views and large gardens in an atmosphere of tranquility, comfort and exclusivity. Gardens, museum courtyards, large hotel chains and unparalleled boutique hotels with unique decoration and cuisine concepts.

There are many possibilities that you can choose from a baroque wedding to a traditional or modern one.

Puebla has the perfect frames for your destination wedding because… Puebla Enamora!

Our team will guide you to find the perfect wedding venue and plan your wedding to transform your Destination Wedding into a memorable experience!



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